Introduction of the world's pickles

United Kingdom: Pickles

Characteristics: Fermentation of salted vegetables with lactic acid bacteria.

Germany: sauerkraut

Characteristics: Shredded cabbage is salted and lacto-fermented.

Sweden: surströmming

Characteristics: Fermentation of salted herring in a can. Characterized by a strong odor.

Russia, Ukraine: Kvashinaya Kapusta

Characteristics: the Russian version of sauerkraut. The recipe is almost the same as in Germany.

Central and Eastern Europe: pickled beets.

Characteristics: a classic accompaniment of beetroot in sweet and sour vinegar.

Lebanon: Macdouce

Characteristics: aubergines stuffed with walnuts and spices and dipped in oil.

Slovakia: Kvasener Kapusta.

Characteristics: sauerkraut, a staple in Slovakia.

Italy: salted capers.

Characteristics: a seasoning made by salting and lactic acid fermentation of capers.

Italy: Anchovy

Characteristics: salted anchovies are fermented and aged.

Spain: Salted Olives

Characteristics: de-acidified olives soaked in a thin layer of brine.

Morocco: preserved lemons

Characteristics: pickle lemons with their skins in brine. Essential in Moroccan cuisine.

India, Nepal: achar.

Characteristics: vegetables are pickled in spices, vinegar and mustard oil.

Bhutan: ezze.

Characteristics: a paste made of chilli, pepper and garlic kneaded with oil.

China: zhazhai.

Characteristics: a type of mustard plant, dried in the sun and then pickled in salt.

China: Pao Tsai

Characteristics: Pickling cucumbers and radishes in spicy salt water.

Korea: kimchi

Characteristics: vegetables are pickled with chili peppers and other spices.

Korea: jagachi

Characteristics: Sweet and sour pickles made by marinating vegetables in miso.


Characteristics: Typical Japanese pickles made by pickling daikon radish with rice bran and salt.

Japan: Dried plums

Characteristics: preserved plum seeds that are salted and then dried.

Taiwan: Kang-soo

Characteristics: the so-called menma, called sunsi in China.

Philippines and Indonesia: Achara.

Characteristics: Vegetables such as papaya are pickled in salt and finished with sweet vinegar.

Vietnam: Ca Pho Mui

Characteristics: Fermented small eggplant in salt water.

Thailand: Pak Dong

Characteristics: vegetables similar to nozawana are salted and fermented.

Thailand: Dombriyo

Characteristics: Radishes and mangoes are salted and fermented with rice water.

Myanmar: Lapezaw

Characteristics: Steamed tea leaves are fermented in a jar or tube.

Myanmar: Layetche.

Characteristics: Lactic acid fermentation of green mangoes in rice water.

USA, Canada, Greenland: Kibiyak

Feature: Fermentation of seabirds stuffed inside the seal's body.

USA: Pickles

Characteristics: lactic acid fermentation of salted vegetables.

Mexico: Cire Lajas.

Characteristics: pickled chillies in vinegar. Eaten as is with food.