What is Asazuke food (Light brined food)?

Asazuke (a.k.a instant pickle or overnight pickle) is a food made by soaking vegetables (cucumber, radish, eggplant, etc.) with salt for a short time.

The word “Asazuke” means picking for a short time, and we sometimes call those pickles soaked in vinegar for a short time Asazuke as well.

Asazuke and Shiozuke

Asazuke is one of the common brining methods that is often used in Japan, and it is a kind of Shiozuke (basic brining).

For Shiozuke, salinity of brine is usually kept at least 10%, which can preserve Shiozuke food for a long time (the food can be preserved for about 3 months), while the salinity of brine for Asazuke is between 3 to 10%