Shiozuke (Basic Brine)

Shiozuke (Basic Brined Food)

Shiozuke, or I may call it my best friend at breakfast, is one of the most commonly eaten brined foods in Japan.

Shiozuke is popular among us as it is, in addition to its simple and delicious taste, easy to make and it can preserve food for long.

Shiozuke Making

Ingredients for Shiozuke are basically vegetables, salt and water. (+ we always put dried kelp, a chili, citrus peel for flavour.)

Process of Shiozuke Making

For Shiozuke making, salinity of brine is usually kept at least 10%, which can preserve Shiozuke food for a long time (the food can be preserved for about 3 months).

Asazuke (light brining)

There is another brined food called ”Asazuke”, which is similar to Shiozuke, but with lower salinity (3 to 10%). For Asazuke, ingredients are kept brined for a few to several hours. ( food cannot be kept for so long instead)

Shiozuke Recipes